Hello and welcome !

Here we go... My first blog post! I've been meaning to write one for a long time but the to do list has been piling on and this keeps being postponed. I've just finished making products to stock up at Josiah Amari in Camden Market and Blossom and Thread in Brockley. Before I begin making for my first Christmas Market in November I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the last few months.

I started Raine + Son back in May this year after visiting my friend Maria at her lovely store Josiah Amari ( a children clothing boutique) in Camden Market.  It was a combination of a few things that this began: an opportunity, an idea , and people who believed in me. I would have never thought I'd be here even just half a year ago. There were moments of "maybe I could do this" as I was thinking about what to do with my life in a few years when Ezekiel goes to school. My brain were full of ideas of what I could do but fears & doubts would set in and dismiss these ideas. So when this opportunity came about I had no time to even think , which was just what I needed - a push. If it wasn't for this I might still be thinking about what I could do one day in the future. Sometimes all we need is that one person to believe in us to make an idea into a reality.