Our Story

Welcome to our home on the internet, Raine + Son. I'm Lorraine ( "Raine") and my son is Ezekiel ("God's Strength"). 

Before becoming a mother, I used to dance professionally - but everything changed when I became pregnant with Ezekiel. I had to stop dancing quite early on in my pregnancy due to pelvic girdle pains, and as a creative, the transition away from that life was not easy. I was now faced with extra time I had while waiting for his arrival, so I started creating things - mostly baby related items that I thought would be great for Ezekiel. However, my new hobby quickly stopped when he came into the world. In my mind I had always thought that I would continue to make things while being a stay at home mum. But who would've thought a tiny human being can demand so much of your time?


Fast forward a year later - I was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly and underwent a unilateral salpingo oophorectomy.

Post-surgery during my recovery period, I couldn't do anything but sit and rest. I had time on my hands again but I was physically restricted. I hated feeling unproductive even though that was when my body need to rest. Struggling tremendously with this, I asked myself a question: how can I rest and be productive at the same time? This marked the moment where it all started: I began knitting and crocheting, doing different projects and learning new skills. 

Up until this point in time, I was simply making things for fun. But this all changed when I visited my favourite store, Josiah Amari, at Camden Market in London. Long story short, I went in to buy a few souvenirs and came out with a plan to start Raine + Son.

Sometimes all it takes is someone who believes in you and an opportunity for something to happen. 

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you'll enjoy our products :)