About Us

Welcome to Raine + Son, my name is Lorraine and everything here is handcrafted by myself inspired by my son Ezekiel! I was born in Hong Kong , grew up in Vancouver, and lived in London since 2011. Being a mother has been life changing for me in many ways. Before I had Ezekiel I was a dance artist - but I stopped dancing during my pregnancy and began using my creativity to begin making things for Ezekiel. It first started with a mobile when I was thinking of how to decorate Ezekiel's nursery, and a year later, I found myself making the fabric necklaces you see here today because I wanted an alternative to teething necklaces that is still safe to wear around him. 

My products are inspired by my journey as a mother and Ezekiel's curiosity of the world. It has given me a new appreciation of the world around us that you can see reflected in the names of my creations. Either from nature or from recycled materials, I aim to source materials that are friendly to you and to our environment.